Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Act of Kindness #12

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Today's RAK challenge may be a sensitive one. It, quite possibly, could be the most difficult challenge to date.

RAK challenge #12: Forgive someone today!

In reality, holiday's can be very stressful and often, full of tension. One way you can help stop the madness is to find forgiveness in your heart. Isn't it crazy how we can hold onto hurtful words or past situations that made us upset? Have you ever stepped back to realize how these feelings can begin to control your life? It can even make you dread the holidays, instead of enjoying them.

Forgiving someone doesn't have to be a huge production. In fact, the person you're forgiving may not even need to be involved. Make a conscious choice to free up your mind and your heart by showing a little grace. 

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you." -Lewis B. Smedes

Have you ever stepped back and realized the control another person has over you when you're experiencing strife with them? I had a "friend" in high school who was very mean-spirited. Would you believe that even as an adult I still had dreams about her and her antics? I was bothered by how she was still a part of my life all these years later. One day I realized this was happening because I had never forgiven her for the pain she put me through. I decided to let it go and began praying for her. I'm happy to report that since this realization, I haven't dreamed about her once! Forgiveness is powerful, friends!

So, I challenge you today, to not harbor hard feelings but rather allow yourself freedom from ugliness. Forgive the person in your life that's hardest to love.  

I'm sorry for a heavy post on a day that's supposed to be full of gratitude and fun, but God placed it on my heart for this to be shared today. If you're the one this post was intended for, I hope you're brave enough to take action.

 I'm thankful that you shared your time with me today.

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Viviana said...

Beautiful words!
Found your blog via Simple Details and am now following :)

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