Monday, November 21, 2011

K.I.S.S. Project

Happy Monday, friends! I survived what quite possibly was one of the busiest week's of my life last week. Hosting both decorating parties then throwing my brother-in-law's wedding shower set me up for a crazy one, but it was all worth it in the end!

I survived by following the K.I.S.S. model...Keep It Simple, Stupid! I thought about naming our decorating party this but didn't want to offend our guests!

I feel strongly that you can pull off great entertaining/decorating with simplicity and should always avoid sending yourself over the edge.

Here's one of my K.I.S.S. decorations made for the party.

Now, it's not the most gorgeous wreath you've ever seen, but it filled the space nicely, it matched my decor and it took all of 30 minutes to complete. Score! Even better, I made it generic enough that I can carry it through to enjoy until Christmas!

The "Simple" process:

Purchase an oval wreath, floral sprigs and ribbon. I found the wreath for $5.99, the sprigs for .50/each and the ribbon was 1/2 off for $5.

Loosely lay your sprigs to determine placement. Then, literally, just stick the sprigs into your wreath.

I used a tiny bit of brown thread to secure the "balled" end of the sprig into place and help create a cohesive, rounded look. Next, loop your ribbon around the top and hang from your curtain rod. Lastly, tie a bow onto the ribbon to finish off the look and add a little softness. Using the wire-edged ribbon helps create a perfect bow and lends itself to add the "curled" tails.

One last look at the finished product.

Simple, simple, simple! Anyone can recreate this project. So if you need a little extra something before your house fills up with Thanksgiving guests, run to your nearest craft store and get started!

If you're looking to add some simple elegance to your house, contact me so we can get started.

**Gift certificates available for design services. Add one to your wish list today!**


Holly said...

I think I'll be adding a wreath to my dining room that is still a mystery room for me - as in, I have no idea what I want to add to it and will not settle unless I love something. But a pretty wreath will be a great touch for the holidays. Thanks for the idea!

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

I think I should put a post-it on my desk with K.I.S.S. What a wonderful motto :)

pam {simple details} said...

Great advice, especially for this time of year! I have a knack for underestimating projects and in the end sending myself over the edge! :)

Anonymous said...

like the kiss slogan lol made me giggle. will have to remember that :)

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