Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eye Art turned Heirloom

I have a fun, new client that is in need of some artwork. Boy, are we ever going to have some great before and after shots from this project! I can't wait to share them along the way. While shopping around, I came across artmuse.com. This is a great place to shop art. They have pieces as low as $25! My kind of place.

Here are a handful of pieces from an artist named Jon Windham. If you purchase any of the below, a portion of the proceeds go to various animal protection foundations. I didn't know he was from Austin when I stumbled upon his work, but his willingness to donate proceeds is a great example of our fine city. Lots more like him living in our neck of the woods. (Thanks for the saying, Al Roker!)

Sea Turtle


Do you think you could have guessed what animal each eye belonged to without them being labeled? I think these would make such an interesting grouping on a gallery wall. Talk about a conversation piece!

Aren't these pieces screaming to be displayed in an optometrist's office?

Here's a great idea...if you're good with a camera or know someone who is, you could do a human version of this amazing art. Take pictures of each family members' eyes and create your own masterpieces. Can you imagine if you had several generations worth of eye art? What a fun heirloom you would be creating!

If you're looking for creative ideas to bring into your home, contact me so we can get started!


pam {simple details} said...

Very cool! Uh, the thought of my crows feet magnified and on display, not happening! :)

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

so cool!

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