Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Act of Kindness #10

Good news, friends! We're keeping today's RAK challenge in the family again, just like last week. I'm giving you one more week to work within your comfort zone, before I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone and RAK a stranger. Oh, that was bad, wasn't it?!

Now that I've offended you, let's move on.

RAK challenge #10: Write a love letter to your husband!

Don't you think the art of writing letters is becoming a lost art? If I'm working with a client that has old letters from family, I'm quick to suggest framing it and hanging it in their home. Old script is beautiful!

I cheated and completed this challenge last night since my husband reads my blog! He was my first follower. How's that for a supportive hubby?!

John and I have written hundreds of letters to each other over the years. No, we're not that romantic...we had to do it out of necessity. I'm about to make myself sound like an ancient dinosaur. Ready? When we were in college we dated long-distance for 3 years and we didn't have email until our last year in college! Yes, you read that right. We were forced to use snail mail and being true to my frugal ways, we only called each other once a week because long-distance rates were too high!

Sadly, once married, the love letters slowed down. That's why I decided to incorporate this need in my life into a RAK challenge. When someone takes the time to put nice words into writing it means so much.

I slipped my note under his pillow so he would have a nice little surprise before bedtime!

So, friends, carve out a little time today to resurrect a lost art and let that special someone in your life know just how much they mean to you!

Check out the blog archives on the sidebar for past challenges. It's never too late to start spreading kindness!

1 comment:

pam {simple details} said...

Aww, so sweet, I have one of those supportive guys, too. We're extra lucky and what a nice gesture to let them know!
Have a great weekend :)

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