Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Storage solutions

If you have kids, the scene below is probably very familiar to you. I hope you're agreeing, because if you're not, that just means my kids are slobs! Is it too much to ask that they walk the extra 2 seconds to drop that mess in their room? Apparently, it is. 

After weeks of nagging, I finally realized I could solve the problem! I saw this basket at Hobby Lobby and thought, "Surely, they're capable of dropping a backpack into a basket!" I have high expectations of my kids, can't you tell? Well, I'm happy to report that it worked. It's a win/win situation. It's easy for the kids and the basket is tall enough to hide their mess. We're both happy!

On to the bathroom...

If you're looking for a creative way to free up some cabinet space, here's an idea for ya.

This cute little container was a purchase from Ross. Not sure what it's originally intended for, but I think it makes a great home for the toilet paper in the guest bathroom. Having toilet paper easily accessible keeps your guests from rummaging through your cabinets!

We're on a roll, ready to see more creative ideas?

Take a magazine holder and turn it sideways. This would be really cute in a kid's room near their desk. Grab a handful, paint them bright colors or do a little decoupage! Super fun and very inexpensive.

Here's another idea that could be adapted for just about any room.

I love this idea because it quickly brings dimension and texture into your space. Have you ever realized the potential of towel rods? Add hooks and you've just created a jewelry organizer, a purse holder, a coat rack...anything! Think outside of the box, friends!

What about peg-rails? Check out these options...

Martha Stewart

Use them on your porch, in your kitchen, a garage...anywhere!


Last, but not least, this is such a cute idea. Shop the antique stores and come up with a few forks. Who knew you could use these little beauties for card holders? Also, a great idea for pictures or recipes.

Creative solutions takes creative thinking. I love to look at common objects and wonder what else they can be used for. It's all about making it interesting!

What's your most creative solution? Drop me a line and tell me about it!

If you're looking to add some creativity to your home, click here so we can get started!


pam {simple details} said...

Yep, very familiar, that is why I have that black bench and the backpack goes on the floor next to the bench!! Fun ideas, the baskets on the rods are so clever -I'm searching to find a spot!

Anonymous said...

such cute ideas!

Judy F. Noffke said...

Thanks for the ideas...looking for a place to hang my necklaces!

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