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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 Quick Ways To Add That Special Touch

Only 2 more days until Thanksgiving...have you thrown in the towel when it comes to decorating and gone straight to food mode yet? If not, here's a few little ideas to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving decor.

First up, a "String of Blessings."

All you need is a little cardstock, glue, a pen and some jute.

I cut the jute about 6 feet long then added 20 strips of little paper. Using my Fiskar's paper cutter made this step quick and easy. It also kept the sizes accurate and the sides straight.

Next, I folded the tiny strips in half and wrote "blessings" on each piece. Now, fold your blessings over the jute and glue into place.

I made sure to alternate the direction each blessing was facing so it would lay nicely on my table.

This next idea is along the same lines but a little different. Have you ever thought of adding a Thanksgiving tree to liven up your house?

Throw some branches in a left over vase and you're half-way done already! Dress up that vase with a pretty bow then all that's left to do is cut out some leaves. I used this template for my leaves. After I cut them out, I handed each family member 5 leaves and asked them to write 5 things they're thankful for. 

I think the most amazing part of this is having all our different handwriting hanging on the tree. It was fun to see the duplicates. Also, if serves as a great conversation piece when entertaining. You get a quick glimpse into our family just by reading what we're thankful for.

I hope you've seen something that has inspired you today. I'm thankful for each of you that shares your time reading and leaving me nice comments!

If you'd be thankful to receive design services, contact me. And, don't forget to add a Decorating Gift Certificate to your Christmas wish list.
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