Thursday, December 27, 2012

I got it!

Hello, friends! We had an amazing time traveling and celebrating with family over the last week. I stopped to count my blessings as I realized how fortunate we are to have family members we enjoy being around and who make hanging out and doing nothing lots of fun!

Before Christmas, I shared that I was hoping to decorate with magnolia leaves this year but couldn't find an affordable option. I told you all about it here and also told you I'd be stalking the after Christmas sales to snag some up for next year.

Well, guess what I found at Pottery Barn yesterday?...
The exact Magnolia Leaf Garland I was stalking hoping to score. But, wait, it gets better! They only had 2 left and they were pre-lit. I was so pleased to gaze at that little price tag and see that I was about to purchase 2 garlands for less than the original price of one. Yep, certainly a great deal and well worth a bit of delayed gratification!

I was hoping to pass this steal onto you guys but it doesn't appear to be on sale on the website. Guess you'll have to make a quick run to the store if you're interested.

1 comment:

pam {simple details} said...

Lucky girl, on all counts ~ enjoying your family, the magnolia garland and that it's lit! :)

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