Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paint Picking Weapon

I've had several paint consultations recently which made me realize I must pass on some great little secrets to the rest of you! There's no doubt that deciding on paint colors is no easy task. Can I get an amen, friends? Benjamin Moore has created a tool that helps make this task a bit less daunting...their Affinity Colors Fan Deck.
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This is not new, but for those of you who don't normally carry around paint fan decks in your car on a daily basis, it's definitely some good viddles to munch on and let me tell you why. When I first got my fan deck, the Ben Moore representative told me it was a "magic trick!" I took the bait and asked what in the world he was talking about? He preceded to turn the deck upside down and had me pick 3 colors, any colors. I did and when he turned them back over (color side up), lo and behold, the 3 random colors I picked all blended together beautifully (or in Ben Moore speak, they "seamlessly harmonize with one another.")

There are 144 colors to choose from in this fancy little friend. I know the trend is definitely swinging back towards a monochromatic house these days, but if you're looking to inject a little color and want your spaces to flow nicely, then this will help you pick your palette with extreme ease. 

Okay, so you're probably thinking, "Well, that's nice and all, but I'm not a designer and they won't give me one of those." Wrong! can buy one and return it. They don't "check them out" but they don't mind if you return it. I promise...I heard it straight from the Ben Moore rep. Of course, their hope is that you'll realize how incredibly wonderful it is and you won't ever want to part from it!

Want to know my favorite color in the whole deck? Pashmina- AF100

 Grey with a taupe undertone. It's an awesome neutral that plays well others. I'd highly recommend it if you're thinking of going this route.

So, anyone going to run to the nearest Benjamin Moore store soon? It's on my to-do list today. I'm checking out a little Moroccan Spice for my daughter's room. Peak your interest? It looks exactly like it sounds...spicy!

Don't forget to hop on over to Better Homes and Gardens and vote for our Diamond Wall Photo. You're allowed one vote a day. It ends tomorrow. A million thanks! (Last I checked, we dropped to second place. Sad face here.)

I'd love to help you bring a little spice into your own home. Contact me for local consultations or edesign!


pam {simple details} said...

Voted!! :)

That paint color is gorgeous, thanks for the tip!

Lisa Scibilia said...

That's funny that you wrote about Pashmina, I just saw that somewhere....Pottery Barn catalog perhaps? I have two different BM fan decks and love them - definitely worth the investment instead of running to the paint store a thousand times over the years to look at paint chips!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

I was not aware of the "trick". THanks Dana. Pashmina was on my list for my living room but I went with a deeper color and I love Moroccan spice - anything spicy for that matter!

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