Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Do you have it? I don't! Now that the paint is complete in Bryn's room, I'm ready for the "fun" stuff to be done, like yesterday! Here's a little sneak peek at our progress (for those of you who also lack patience!) 
On to the real reason for today's post...a little transparency.
     My husband and I were handed a huge dose of patience years back. We finally made the big decision to start trying to get pregnant. We were so excited and kind of scared at the same time. The thoughts started whirling around in your head..."Will we make good parents?" and "Can we afford to have a baby?"

Well, friends, I found out I was pregnant on a Wednesday and quickly shared the exciting news with John. We were beside ourselves! Guess what happened that Friday?...John lost his job! Whhhaaaat? Holy cow, what now?

We figured he'd just find another job and that'd be that. Well, guess what? Month 1 passed, no job. Month 2, no job. Month 3, no job. Are you seeing a pattern here? John was without a job throughout my entire pregnancy!

It wasn't for a lack of trying. John was searching hard and praying harder, but it seemed there was silence, not only from employers, but from God! How could He abandon us during this time?!

Can you imagine poor John's feelings during this time? A pregnant, hormonal wife and the pressure of wondering how he's going to provide for his family.

After 9 months of waiting, John landed a job. He literally began work just days before Bryn was born. How's that for perfect timing?! We were taught many lessons during that 9 months and then just like the perfect Father that He is, God provided in our time of need.

I read this in my daily devotional yesterday and loved the words so much that I'd like to pass it on...
"Don’t give up hope! God is faithful, and you can rely on His perfect timing. Fix your eyes on Him and enjoy the journey to your destination. There are things to be learned along the way that will enhance the joy of a promise fulfilled."

What about you, friends? In need of prayers? Leave me a comment or send an email (dfrieling1@gmail.com) and I promise to talk with God about you today!


pam {simple details} said...

I gasped when I read, "I found out I was pregnant on Wednesday!" Ha!What a test of patience and faith, looking back I'm sure it makes wanting to see Bryn's room finished seem pretty insignificant! Thanks for the reminder that God is always faithful!

miki said...

First, no I have no patience. I seriously am always the one to start things and then the "boring" stuff I always want done in 5 minutes so I can decorate!
Second, woah. That is a true test of patience. I am glad he found a job, and you two made it through that trial with a beautiful baby! =)

Elise said...

Oh my! What an experience for you and your husband! Yes, it is all about the Lord's timing for us, no matter what we think the timing aught to be. Thanks for the nice little reminder. I am enjoying your transparent tuesdays :)

Kara Paslay said...

Dana, thank you so much for sharing your devotional. They are well tied words and I appreciate you putting it out there so God could speak to me and others. Thanks friend!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Patience truly is a virtue and we need to practice it more in an era when everyone is in a rush all the time, mostly for no reason. Well put.

Hyphen Interiors said...

Loving Transparent Tuesday. I get to know you better and it's usually relatable in some way, with a hint of a devotion in it. Great stuff! So glad that worked out for you guys. I know that had to be stressful.

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